How Markets create a Sense of Community

Markets can be found everywhere. They served as the original civic centres of the community. You can find one or two markets in a single neighbourhood. A public market is a place where you can purchase all your basic needs at lower prices. It also offers a wide range of entertainment for you and your family. But the best thing that a market place can offer is its ability to create a sense of community. Interacting with other people in your community is a great way to socialize and to know more about them.

Markets strengthen local identity

Since markets are around for many years now, they are viewed as the local face of the community. The products that are being sold in a market determine the identity of the locals living there. Perhaps your town is known for its sweet fruits. Buying these fruits through the market places will help your town be known to others.

Fun activities in the markets turn communities into lively ones

Aside from the goods and products that are being sold in a market, this place is also a place of entertainment and learning. There are some markets that have game arcades for kids. For music enthusiasts, there are live bands during weekends that perform for free. Some activities of the local community are held in a market place for easy access to everyone.

Markets are a venue for learning

While interacting with your local community members, a public market is also a place for education, particularly in agriculture. In here, you can learn a lot about the locally grown crops produced by farmers. You can also learn about the different local crafts that provide livelihood to your community. You can learn many things while shopping around for your needs.

Markets help create an overall social well-being

Since markets are centred on the sale of foods, one smart way to add value to these locations is to focus on creating “healthy food hubs”. This will encourage visitors not just to eat more fruits and vegetables but to take a more proactive approach to their own well-being. Some markets include health clinics, nutrition information or classes that teach healthy living. This can be a big help to people visiting the market in your place.

Markets improve neighborhood development

Markets are located ideally within a community. This is a place where people go to buy their needs. A market is also a place for friends to have a quick chit-chat over snacks or a place where neighbours can talk while shopping. It can also be a place to meet your old friends and do some groceries together. It improves the overall social ability of the community.

Overall, a market place is an important place in a community. It is not just a place to buy your needs but it is also a place to interact with people. A market creates a sense of community between you and your whole neighbourhood as a whole.



Athens Business Market is Back

One of the truths about Texas the fact that this great state is always growing and changing. A perfect example of this is the Athens Business Market. Athens Texas is not a huge town, the city only has a population of twelve thousand people.
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For far too long state government and local town, governments have done things that make businesses harder to start and harder to maintain. That is not true when it comes to Athens Texas. We are making businesses feel welcome and we want the world to know that the Athens Business market is back!

Bringing new businesses to Texas is the key to our future and Athens is going to be a big part of the experience. Before you plan the home for your next business remember Athens is committed to bringing new businesses in Texas and the Athens Business Market is back!

What are the Best Items to sell in a Market Place?

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A public market is a great place for business opportunities. If you want to start a small business, opening a small store in a public market can help you earn extra cash. There is a lot of stuff that can be found in a market area. You can sell just around anything. You just need a good location, a good marketing strategy to attract customers and the items that you are going to sell. To increase your chances of success, you may want to consider selling a few ideal items that every person needs.

What can I sell?

  1. Food

Primarily, public markets sell foods. Most of the time, local foods are popular in a market. Everybody eats food so definitely, it is a necessity. You just have to think of a creative way to sell the food. Keep in mind also making a good packaging so that it can attract customers.

  1. Local Crafts

If your family owns a local furniture shop, why not try selling them in a public market? A lot of people tend to visit the market everyday so it can help you showcase your crafts to the public.

  1. Locally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

In any case, you love planting different kinds of fruits and vegetables, selling them in a public market will also help you earn bigger. Be sure to sell only the freshest crops to avoid any unwanted returns from your customers.

  1. Clothing

You don’t need to sell branded clothing as these items are meant to be sold in huge malls. If you do not have enough capital yet, you can start selling your old clothes. In this way, you can free some space from your closet and at the same time, earn extra cash along the way.

  1. Baked Goods

If you are into baking, you can sell your baked goods in a market. Some of these may include breads, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, specialty items, and many more.

  1. Homemade Bath & Beauty Products

This may include handmade soap, hand creams, bath soap and a lot more. Selling your homemade products will also help the environment since no harmful chemicals were used in making the products. A lot of people today are gearing towards organic and homemade products.

  1. Made to Order Foods

You can choose to open a mini food cart selling tacos, teas, lemonades, and ready to eat foods. People will eventually get tired from hopping from one store to another in buying stuff. They will have to rest and eat something to regain their strength. Try to prepare delicious meals and drinks that your customers will love.

Once you know what you want to make and sell, your success depends on the execution of your plan and the presentation of your products. Be sure to present them creatively to attract customers. You also need to treat your customers properly in order for them to keep coming to your store.


Public Markets vs. Farmers’ Markets

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Public markets can be quite fun to visit if you have the free time on weekends. These places are filled with people looking for different stuffs and buying their needs.

There is also a place called farmers’ market. Like a public market, it also offers a lot of basic commodities to its customers. A farmer’s market also sells locally grown fruits and vegetables. These two kinds of market are often mistaken for the other. But they are quite different

Public Market

A public market is a place which is generally housed in permanent structures or building. It is open year-round. It primarily offers a variety of non-farmer or non-producer vendors, packaged foods and non-food products.

Public markets sell a variety of goods- from fresh, healthful, locally grown food or produced crops. They also typically include crafts made by their own locals or a variety of needed neighbourhood business. They prohibit franchise business and chain stores to give the local businesses to highlight the best of local foods, crafts, music, heritage and culture.

Farmers’ Market

A farmers’ market on the other hand is a physical retail marketplace intended to sell foods directly by farmers to consumers. This market consists of crops grown and produced by farmers. Farmers’ markets can be indoor or outdoor. They typically consists of booths, tables or stands where farmers sell fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and sometimes prepared foods and beverages. Compared to public markets, farmers’ markets are seasonal. They are not open for the whole year. Due to their nature, farmers’ market tend to be less rigidly regulated than retail produce shops.

Qualities of a Successful Business Market

How many business markets have you been to so far? How do you describe each one? What are their similarities? What are the items they offer? Did you enjoy your market visits?

People love markets for so many reasons, but the top reason why they keep visiting markets is experience. They want to see other people, seek opportunities for impromptu conversations, and the delight for local foods and products. This is what draws people back, again and again to their favorite markets. A great market must be carefully planned as a public gathering place and managed within a sustainable business structure.

Below are some of the qualities a market place must have for it to be successful.

  • A successful market place should have the right vendors.

Right vendors mean that the products they offer are of good quality. They should be knowledgeable enough of the goods and products they sell. They should also be easy to approach, and have good service. After all good service makes people happy.

  • A successful market place has the right location.

The location of the public market is very important. It should be visible and accessible to most people. It should have a well-managed parking. Effective parking requires management to ensure regular turnover of vehicles. It should have nearby amenities.

  • A successful market place should have the right mission.

Right mission means that the market has clear goals for the business as a whole. It creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter retailing at low cost. It helps nurtures its vendors providing support for farmers, immigrants, and entry level entrepreneurs.

  • A successful market place has the right mix.

A market place is a place of diversity showcasing the different local heritage of the community. It should have a wide range of choices and selection providing the customers all their needs in one place.

  • A successful market place has the right public spaces.

A market place is an oasis for some people. It should provide enough seating for rest, chitchat, and snacking. It can offer things to look at such as local crafts and different retail activity. A successful market place is welcoming and it is well maintained to keep public enjoyment and comfort.

  • A successful market place has the right connections.

The market should be a symbol of community identity. It involves other organizations whose mission is to help the market grow. Markets and nearby stores should strive for mutual benefit to increase retail opportunity.

  • A successful market has the right promotion.

A market place should hold product demos. It should also have proper promotion and the right market image. It can also be room for educational opportunities since you can learn a lot about agriculture, health, the community and the local culture present.

  • A successful market provides the right value.

Lastly, a market place should sell quality products. It should give its customers quality experience when they visit. It helps boost the local economy therefore creating more local jobs for the people. Most importantly, a successful market provides a sense of community ownership to its customers.

Types of Public Markets

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Public markets are everywhere. There can be more than one public market in an area. A public market is your friendly go-to store for everything you need at a budget price. Almost everything is found in a market for your convenience.

Public markets are typically open for the whole year. The stalls and shops cater to the needs of their customers.

You may have been to different markets in your life. Markets may look all the same but they are still different in many ways. There are many kinds of public markets which you may see in an area.

  • Open Air Markets

These are markets that are temporary. They just operate one or few times a week.

  • Covered Markets

These are markets with sheds or flexible indoor space. They include winter markets which are now a trend that is growing in the northeast.

  • Market Halls

These are markets built in indoor buildings with permanent stalls for vendors. There are assigned areas for every kind of product they sell.

  • Market Districts

These are multi acre hubs of market-related activity including an indoor market, mix of wholesale and retail usually. These markets also have food-related business such as food stalls and restaurants.

Though markets may look different, they still provide the primary needs of their customers. It is always a busy day in a public market. With all the people’s noise and selling, it can be quite fun to shop in a place where you can find almost anything.


Markets Rebuild Local Food Economies

Market places are part of our lives in the community. They have become an essential place where you can buy almost anything. For food enthusiasts out there, a market place is a food haven. You can try all the local dishes that the community offers.

Historically, public markets distributed not just produce but bounty of meat, poultry, eggs, fish and other foods from local sources. But today, food production and distribution are centralized.

Market Places showcase the local food culture

When you visit a market place, the primary thing that you can notice in the area is the food they sell. Vendors use the market as their venue to display the local dishes present in the area. This will also help gain tourists as people love to try different local dishes when visiting a country. This will help the vendors to sell more of the dishes which will give them better income.

Market Places are broader distribution points for fresh produce

Instead of farmers selling their fruits and vegetables in small area, they can choose to sell it in a public market. Thousands of people flock to the market every day. The possibility of earning is higher and people can eat fresh and organic farm produce. This will also lessen the gap between farms and markets.

Market Places are selling made to order foods

People will eventually get tired after roaming around the market. There are food stalls selling ready to eat foods like meals, drinks like lemonades and iced teas. Some offer snacks like doughnuts, tacos and more. The market place helps the small entrepreneurs in their businesses.

With the help of the local community, market places are slowly helping the local food economy grow. With so much to offer, you will never go home hungry once you visit a market place in your area.