The Importance of a Public Market

Once in your life you may have visited a market place in your area. The market offers a lot of stuff which they sell at lower prices. Local foods are served to feed hungry stomachs. Sometimes during weekends, there are entertainments such as shows and live bands.

A public market has become one of the important places in an area. It is your go to place to anything you need. However, the importance of a public market does not end there. It still has a lot of benefits to the local community and to the general public as well.

What are the benefits of a Public Market to the Community?

  • Public markets create job opportunities.

They help the small entrepreneurs who are having difficulty entering the economy’s mainstream jobs. A seller of locally grown fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be a college graduate. A public market also helps a person who wants to be the boss of a small business by selling goods and products in a market. Most public markets create hundreds of new jobs because they are labor intensive.

  • Public markets create new entrepreneurial opportunities.

A public market creates an opportunity for a person to start a business of his own. If you are not into the regular labor force that has office jobs, you can start a small business in a market place. This is particularly helpful to women and minorities who have a hard time looking for stable jobs.

  • Public markets contribute to the local tax revenues of the community.

Since public markets are doing business in the community, they are required to pay for local government taxes. These taxes are helpful to the community. They are used to fund local government projects such as street lamps, road widening, educational and livelihood projects. Having a public market in an area can help boost its local economy.

  • Public markets increase growth and consumption of local agriculture enterprises and products.

Public markets primarily offer local products. They can be in the form of local foods, locally produced or grown crops, local crafts and many more. Public markets showcase the diversity and uniqueness of a community in terms of its goods and products. No two public markets are the same. Each market has a different product to offer. They encourage people to buy local products to promote them.

  • Public markets provide fresh, wholesome, affordable foods to citizens.

You can buy the freshest meat and vegetables in a market compared to grocery stores where they are kept frozen. Public markets offer a wide range of foods which are also affordable. They help the common citizen to enjoy local foods without having to spend too much money.

  • Public markets add value to real estate surrounding them.

Public markets have proven history of adding value to a real estate. If you are trying to buy a house, you may ask your real estate consultant if the location of your prospective house is near a public market. It is quite convenient if your subdivision has a public market near it. However, expect a quite higher price for the house and lot. Public markets create a week in and week out adventure that customers look forward to rather than the dreary trips to the mall or supermarket.

  • Public markets contribute to significant new tourist traffic.

If you want to learn and explore a community’s culture and heritage, visiting a public market can be added in your itinerary. Since public markets sell local foods and products in the area, you can experience first-hand the lives of the locals there. Some tour packages of travel agencies include a tour of their local markets to promote their products.

  • Public markets provides venue for entertainment that helps local artists cultivate their talents.

Some public markets offer entertainment during weekends. A lot of people usually visit the market during weekends so expect a crowded market place. Many of the public markets have game arcades for kids and live bands for the adults who love music.

  • Public markets keep profits recirculating within the local community.

Historically, public markets keep profits flowing locally in the community where they are earned because all business are local and owner operated. They are not outsourced from other states. This will help the local community in uplifting its local economic status.