Types of Public Markets

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Public markets are everywhere. There can be more than one public market in an area. A public market is your friendly go-to store for everything you need at a budget price. Almost everything is found in a market for your convenience.

Public markets are typically open for the whole year. The stalls and shops cater to the needs of their customers.

You may have been to different markets in your life. Markets may look all the same but they are still different in many ways. There are many kinds of public markets which you may see in an area.

  • Open Air Markets

These are markets that are temporary. They just operate one or few times a week.

  • Covered Markets

These are markets with sheds or flexible indoor space. They include winter markets which are now a trend that is growing in the northeast.

  • Market Halls

These are markets built in indoor buildings with permanent stalls for vendors. There are assigned areas for every kind of product they sell.

  • Market Districts

These are multi acre hubs of market-related activity including an indoor market, mix of wholesale and retail usually. These markets also have food-related business such as food stalls and restaurants.

Though markets may look different, they still provide the primary needs of their customers. It is always a busy day in a public market. With all the people’s noise and selling, it can be quite fun to shop in a place where you can find almost anything.