What is a Public Market?

When was the last time you visited a public market? What are the items or products you saw there? Did you enjoy taking a walk around it?

People nowadays have different options where to buy their necessities. Others prefer going to supermarkets while some prefer ordering online and having it delivered at their doorsteps. However, there are still some people who like to go to public markets for their everyday necessities.

Public Markets

A public market is a place carefully crafted, to display the diverse medley of owner-operated shops. It operates year round. A public market is intended to showcase the community’s unique character while serving its everyday shopping needs.

Public markets sell a variety of goods- from fresh, healthful, locally grown food or produced crops. They also typically include crafts made by their own locals or a variety of needed neighbourhood business. They prohibit franchise business and chain stores to give the local businesses to highlight the best of local foods, crafts, music, heritage and culture.

Public markets exist for multiple public purposes, such as job creation, small business incubator, tourist attraction, access to fresh, healthy foods, historic preservation, etc. They are typically owned and operated by public or non-profit business entities. They provide job opportunities for small entrepreneurs who are having a hard time entering the mainstream economy.

Characteristics of a Public Market

  1. A public market primarily sells food

You can find anything in a market, but primarily, a public market sells food. It sells everything from dairy produce, meat produce, poultry products and local foods in the area. You can never go hungry once you visit a public market due to the wide array of foods it is serving.

  1. A public market is made up of small independent business and each shop is owner-operated

This is a place where diversity is celebrated due to many kinds of small businesses that you can find. They offer different kinds of goods and products which make it more interesting than shopping in a huge mall. Most of the time, the foods they are selling were prepared by the owners themselves. The crafts they sell were also made by their own local employees.

  1. A public market is open all year round.

Public markets are open all year to cater to their customers’ daily needs. Unlike farmers’ markets which are seasonal in nature, they operate 365 days to offer their products and services.

  1. A public market fulfils a public purpose beyond retail food sales.

A public market is not just a place to shop. It is one of the ways of the community to celebrate its diversity. You can find relaxation in a public market. Some markets offer entertainment, live bands, and many more. A public market is a civic resource for everyone.

You can find these things in public markets around the country and all over the world. If you are in an overseas trip, try to visit the local markets in the country to learn more about the local culture of the people.